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This lil corner of cyber heaven houses my fan art inspired by different stars and shows and, of course, my own feelings. Hope you have a nice visit and feel free to leave a comment. They're always welcome!

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Okay, so my theory is: don't sue, don't steal.All the graphics found on this site are my copyright and may not be used on other sites, but you may use the icons or banners on forums with credit and a link back. I do not claim ownership over the images, textures and brushes used in my fan art and I most certainly do not own Andromeda and other shows you can find in my art, nor do I have any possibility to contact any of the celebrities whose pictures I used. My 3 main sources for images are andromeda-web, Lexa Fans, trance-gemini.com. However, many of the other ones are from deviantART or simply found on Google searches and therefore they are not mine and I don't claim that they are mine. In the current layout, the drawing of a mermaid is copyright Clyde Caldwell. No copyright infringement intended. The sites I use for brushes and textures are listed on this page.