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This lil corner of cyber heaven houses my fan art inspired by different stars and shows and, of course, my own feelings. Hope you have a nice visit and feel free to leave a comment. They're always welcome!

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Feb 1, 2009

Hey everyone. This update comes with a couple of wallpapers inspired by the first Andromeda episode, one featuring my favorite anime and a card for 1000th day on Gaia celebration.





Take care till next time

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Jan 4, 2009

Welcome to Queen’s Whisper!

Hey everyone. Almathea here. I’m still alive and back with a freshly prettified and re-named site. At the same time, its theme has changed from strictly Andromeda-related art to general themes (such as movies, anime, tv shows or just stock images or models).

The “new” content added is in fact quite old. The majority of it consists of blends that I submitted in various art contests, but there are also 2 new anime wallpapers I did for my best friend.

At this moment all the new categories are kinda empty but I’m cooking up new content. You can take it as a constant work in progress. Feel free to post your thoughts either through a comment or on the tagboard.

Have a nice day!


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